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The Purple Golf Cart:
The Misadventures of a Lesbian Grandma
By Ronni Sanlo

The memoir of a Florida woman who hid her lesbian identity for over 20 years. When she finally came out in 1979, she lost custody of her two young children which thrust her into activism fueled by anger. But it was her irreverent sense of humor that helped her to survive. This is a story of resilience and of passion for social justice. Homelessness, depression, and failed relationships gave way to forgiveness, success, and self-love. It is the story of one woman's dance through life from difficult discoveries to sweet reunions. It is the story of the heartfelt joy of an unconventional grandma! Read about the repressive laws that gave Florida it's anti-gay reputation, including the John's Committee witch hunts in Florida's education system. Understand the effects that the Anita Bryant campaign which repealed Miami's gay right ordinance affected a lesbian mom and her family. Learn how a sense of humor, deep resilience, and strong spirituality brought a woman from homelessness and the depths of despair to becoming a professor at UCLA and a happy, loving grandma. Available in all electronic formats and on Amazon.

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